Friends of the Library Book Sale


If you have never been to the Friends of the Library book sale in Ida before you simply must attend this event. This book sale has been going on for many years…. It just keeps getting bigger and better year after year.

The Friends group has a huge tent put up outside the entrance to the Ida Branch of the Monroe County Library. Tables are brought in… lots of tables….. and then come the books. WHO KNOWS where these books have been stored but they just keep coming and coming. Any kind of book that you can imagine as well as many magazines. One of the nice things about this book sale is time is taken to put all these books into different categories. As in all of the cookbooks are put into an area, all of the children’s books are put into an area.. you get the idea.

These books are ALL DONATED from the community. What a great way to recycle your reading material. You can simply donate it to the Ida Library for the annual book sale. As I said I don’t know where they store all of these books before the sale but on the day of the event….. You will have tons  of books to go through…. and I do think that “TONS” is the exact word that I am looking for.

It is always nice to have lots of books to be able to choose from. … but let me tell you the very best thing about this book sale…..and that would be the COST of the books that you buy. The cost is a donation. Yes, that is correct….. you can simple make a donation of any amount that you want and take as many books as you would like…. all for a donation to the Friends of the Library.

The Friends of the Ida Library is a group that does many nice things for the community, just to name a couple… they offer a school scholarship, they recently purchased books for the “Big Read” program.

The Ida Friends group is always looking for new members to support the community. You can contact a member for more information or you can inquire about all that they do at the Ida Library.

I am so looking forward to going through those books…
The sale starts at 9 am and goes till 3 pm…. that might be just enough time to find a couple of perfect books.

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