Ida Farmer’s Co-Op

Cop op signI would personally like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people of the Ida Farmer’s Co-Op. Over the years I have contacted them many times, for many things and I have always gotten what I had asked for.

When Lonnie sees me coming with the look of need on my face…. he knows that I am about to ask him for another favor. It is so nice to have people who are behind you in ANYTHING that you try to do but I must tell you my friend Lonnie Arnold has always gone out of his way to do what he can for me… and for this I want to thank him.

The first Ida Community Day that the Ida Civic Club hosted was is 1999. One of the events that the ICC was able to offer Ida was the Michigan Calvary Brigade. Local resident Bob Robar was so helpful in bringing his wonderful gang of horsemen to our community. They set up camp in the back of the park… just as the riders of the Michigan Calvary Brigade would have done many years ago…..

For those of you who know me, know I love critters it does not matter what they are.. I love them, some just more than others. I especially love horses and to see these magnificent creatures up close as Bob had them was really a wonderful thing to see. After they had set up their camp they mounted up and rode through the streets of Ida all dressed in their handsome uniforms and on those beautiful houses…. Ida was indeed the place to be. A Calvary parade.. There is indeed something about a man in uniform!….Gotta love it!

My job of getting these guys here was easy.. I just asked them to come. But my friend Lonnie was the one who actually made it possible for them to make the park their home for the evening and the next day. Lonnie arranged to have the fencing put up as well as the trough and supply the back up water. Anything that Bob and his men needed was provided. Lori Green, who also works at the Co-Op supplied the hay and the straw that Bob had asked us to have on hand for the horses.

When the Ida Civic Club asked to put the beautiful flag up on top the Ida Co-Op Elevators…. once again there was no question about doing that, if I recall the only question was, “when do you want to do that, and how can we help?”

It does indeed take people working together to make a strong community…. The Ida Farmer’s Co-Op has always gone above and beyond when asked to help our Close Knit Community… grow and prosper..

Thanks to the people at the Ida Co-Op and especially to my friend Lonnie.

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