The FIRST Ida Community Day

zeebuThe first Ida Community Day was held June 26, 1999. The event was just one of several fundraiser that the Ida Civic Club was doing to help raise funds to build a new library. Ida now has a beautiful new library and township office building but back then it was not like that…. the library was a trailer. I am sure that many are able to remember those days… no running water meant no bathroom. I always wondered how Barb Drodt managed that… must of been a tougher gal than me.

The fist thing that comes to mind when I think about the very first Community day is the HEAT… I know I know that is probably NOT what should be most memorable but let me tell you WHY the heat was such a BIG deal.

One of the events that the Ida Civic Club held was the cow drop contest…. Larry Parks from Parks Paradise was gracious enough to help us out by supplying the cow that we needed. Larry didn’t just supply a cow but he supplied a Zebu…. Perfect…. we named the event.. “Zeek the Zebu does his Do Do” Catchy right?

I asked Dr. Deland the elder to be the judge for our event. He being a farm vet I thought he was the perfect choice.. besides I thought the world of that man. I do not think if he had known that it would be 130 degrees in the shade he would not of been so eager to say that he would help. OK OK maybe NOT quite 130 but close enough. Maybe I have exaggerated by a few degree but not to many.

Anyway the idea of a cow drop contest is to have spaces marked off in grid fashion inside a roped in area. At HIGH NOON (Yes, I waited till it was nice and HOT) we let Zeek the Zebu into the pen and waited.
We were waiting for Zeek to do his Do Do, on what ever number that happened to be that was the winner. Lets say it landed on number 21… we then pulled out 21 tickets and who ever had that ticket was declared the winner. Of course we had to have a judge…. what if the do do was on a line….? or what if the do do landed on more than one number. You get the idea Dr. Deland had a very important job and of course he accepted this position with the utmost respect for the rules of the contest.

After about 2 minutes of watching this Zebu in this gridded pen, in 130 degree heat with people gather all around WAITING…. it was so quite you could of heard a pin drop…. a lady from the crowd said…. “can you believe we are all standing here in this heat waiting for this cow to poop… where but in Ida would that be something to do?” She was Right….!

The rules of our contest were that if the cow didn’t drop within 1 hour the contest was over and the first number pulled out of the hat was declared the winner…..Zeek didn’t co-operate, we all stood in that 130 degree heat for an entire hour… Dr. Deland asked me about 30 minutes if I couldn’t of picked a hotter day….. I think he may of been kidding me as I saw him wiping sweat from his brow.

The first ticket out of the hat was Tom R….. the winner of $500.00. Not bad for a one dollar ticket entry. After it was all done it was a fun event…. but in the years that followed we always held that event under the shade of the trees. Having it set up in the open Fireman’s field sounded like a good idea at the time.

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