Trash Treasures and Trinkets Village in Ida

Sale 06

Don’t you just love a Sale? I don’t mean just any kind of Sale…. But a sale where your able to buy all of the latest and greatest new stuff as well as all kinds of hand crafted items….. You may also find…all mixed in between a collection of STUFF…Exactly what you have been looking for.
The Ida Civic Club hosts the Trash Treasure and Trinket Village at Ida Community Day. This event is from 9am 3am and is set up along the walking path in the Ida Township Park. The location has proven to be the perfect spot for people to show off their wares. This is a fundraiser for the Ida Civic Club’s scholarship fund.

This is just one of several events happening on Ida Community Day.
You can read about other events here….. Ida Community Day

                                                                  “PICKERS WELCOME”

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